How Small Acts of Love Can Change Your World

In June 2019, after the movement received national media coverage, Founder Amy Wolff received an email with the subject line "from a literary agent". Twenty months later, the book SIGNS OF HOPE was realeased!

This book is a personal collection of stories, lessons, thoughts on the power of hope and love. 


Living a life of impact can start small, grow unexpectedly, and contain a simple message of hope. You can make a difference in the world today through small acts of kindness, and this book will show you how.

Amidst the struggles and busyness of daily life, it can seem impossible to offer hope and happiness to others. Sometimes, living a life of impact seems just out of reach. "What can I possibly do?" we ask.

Amy Wolff often felt this way--that her personal grief and comfortable life made her unqualified to connect and uplift others. But one day she decided to do something--and that something sparked a nationwide and worldwide movement of encouragement.

Signs of Hope is an intimate account of the yard signs with encouraging messages she created with her family and placed around their city, and how that act of love has sparked a new journey--helping you find your own way to make a difference and brighten the world.

In this book, she lays out the heart behind her movement, and how you can also become a giver and taker of hope, offering encouragement, healing, and inspiration to those around you with the resources, talents, and gifts you have. It's your catalyst to doing something today . . . because there's no perfect time to help others. The time is now.

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