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How Small Acts of Love Can Change Your World


With so much suffering in our communities and in the world, it can feel impossible to make an impact. "What good can I possibly do?" we ask. 

As a busy mom and small business owner, Amy Wolff often felt unqualified and too overwhelmed to address the suffering around her. But one day in 2017, after hearing about several suicides and suicide attempts in her community, she printed 20 yard signs with hopeful messages and anonymously placed them throughout her city. This small action sparked a global movement of encouragement, hope, and love, which spread to 50 states and 27 countries in just 18 months. 

Signs of Hope is an intimate collection of stories from Amy's personal life, as well as people impacted by the movement, about the power of hope and love in the midst of suffering. This book discusses:

- the drain of compassion fatigue
- why we should show up imperfectly to help others
- how to claim hope for ourselves
- practical ideas of how to respond to suffering
- strategies of how to love people who are “different” 
- resilience when love-spreading efforts backfire
- how to raise a compassionate generation
- the science of hope

This feel-good, call-to-action book will restore your belief in humanity and empower you to live a life of impact. Changing the world, or at least your corner of it, is easier than you think.

And the time is now.



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Amy Wolff's message is simple: Don't Give Up. Amy has a way of capturing all of our fears, insecurities, and anxieties, and turning them into actionable items of love, kindness, and joy. Packed with powerful anecdotes and encouraging messages, Signs of Hope delivers a contagious energy - a call to action to do good at a time when we need it most.


Mel Robbins

Speaker, International bestselling author of The Five Second Rule

Meet The Author 


Amy Wolff is a Speaker Coach for a consulting company she co-owns with her father and a TEDx Speaker Coach. In 2017 she accidentally started a global movement of spreading love through simple yard signs.

She enjoys engaging in difficult conversations with unlikely friends, having vacuum lines in her carpet, nurturing a ridiculous amount of house plants, traveling with her daughters and husband, and leading teams to Rwanda. She and her family live in Portland, Oregon. 

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